A mattress is a big investment and rightly so as the quality of your sleep has a profound effect on the quality of your life and how well you function. Since we spend about a third of our lives sleeping, it is worth taking a few moments to keep it functioning at its best. The following instruction care steps are made to ensure you get the best out of your DUNLOPILLO mattress. 


Ask for a suitable foundation. Do not be misled to believe that it is sufficient to buy a new mattress only after your present mattress shows wear and tear. Mattress failure or “wear out” is often caused by foundation failure. Your mattress foundation should have a:
a. Minimum 4 legged bedframe for a Twin or Full sized mattress
b. Minimum 5 legged bedframe with center support for a Queen sized Mattress
c. Minimum 6 legged bedframe with center support for a King sized mattress
d. Be no more than 8cm apart and 9cm wide for timber slated bedframes (Slats oved 14cm wide may cause mildew by not allowing moisture to evaporate sufficiently.)